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By : WWF Indonesia

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Overall Summary

Power Up A Ranger aims to support the rangers in the forests of Kalimantan (Borneo) and Sumatra in their conservation battle to protect endangered animals by providing the rangers with more equipment.


Use of Proceeds

How will we use the funds that we raise?

  • USD 5,000 will be used for buying two boats that will be operated in WWF’s site in Sumatra and Borneo
  • USD 5,000 will be used for buying two motorbikes and safety helmets to help the Rangers monitoring the conversation area in Sumatra
  • USD 3,000 will be used for buying Ranger Equipment for 10 people (each will get a uniform, boots, raincoat, hat, backpack, mattress/sleeping equipment, tent)
  • USD 3,000 will be used for buying 5 satellite phones to support communication between rangers, and between communities where rangers operate
  • USD 4,000 will be used for buying 10 video trap equipment sets for Sumatra and Borneo to help in the research and monitoring of the endangered species and their habitat


Why We're Crowdfunding

It is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous for rangers in Indonesia do their job, as the rate of deforestation continues to grow rapidly. Deforestation, forest openings and habitat encroachment cause not only threats to endangered species, but also humans residing in the buffer zone of these forests. The rangers risk their lives on a daily basis to guard the Kalimantan and Sumatran forests and endangered species from illegal loggers and poachers, while ensuring that these endangered animals avoid conflict with humans.


Why support us

The rangers are conservation heroes at the front line of protecting nature. With your support, we will be able to equip rangers with higher quality safety gear, tools and shelter that can protect them from trekking accidents. Your support will also empower the rangers with better transportation so that they do not have to navigate through mountains on foot on a daily basis.


Team & Qualifications

WWF-Indonesia prioritises their work in important centers of biodiversity known as the “Global 200 ecoregions”. WWF-Indonesia is currently running conservation programs in 23 sites in 16 provinces throughout Indonesia in a number of marine, freshwater and forest ecosystems. They strive to save the diversity of species by promoting sustainable conservation that can give continued social and economic benefits to local communities.

They also work with various stakeholders to restore damaged ecosystems and mitigate various threats such as climate change and toxic chemicals.

WWF-Indonesia’s Earth Hour Blue Team consists of a group of ladies from various backgrounds working in broadcast, photography, education, social media, advertising and conservation. 



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Team Profile

WWF-Indonesia Earth Hour Blue Team consist of a group of ladies from various fields: broadcasting, photography, education, social media, creative, digital and conservation. Pulling together their resources, they aim to bring conservation stories of interest to Indonesia and the world.

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